IMS Policy

Hyundai Glovis Czech Republic s.r.o.

The company Hyundai Glovis Czech Republic s.r.o. is a member of the “HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP” holding.

Our key customer is Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o.

This policy follows on the HYUNDAI GLOVIS corporate SHE Policy. We also adhere to ”HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP” core values in the following five principal areas: customer, challenge, cooperation, people and globality.

Core Values

CHALLENGE – We refuse to be satisfied with the status quo. We seize every opportunity that provides more challenge ahead and we achieve our goals with certainty, unwavering enthusiasm and invention.

COLLABORATION – We are focused and act jointly thanks to our sense of cohesion maintained by communication and collaboration within the company, as well as with our business partners. We attend to the needs and requirements of our employees and their representatives and we ensure their participation in addressing important areas of management.

CUSTOMER – We promote a customer-oriented corporate culture by providing the best quality service, where all values are focused on customers.

GLOBALITY – We respect diversities in cultures and customs, we pursue to be the best at what we do and we strive to be a respected member of the global corporation.

PEOPLE – We believe that the future of our organization lies in the hearts and capabilities of its members, whom we will help to develop their full potential by creating a talentrespecting corporate culture.

We seek to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials by using modern technology. We favour environmentally friendly materials, products, technology and services. Preventing pollution is our preference.

Compliance with and fulfilment of legislative requirements
We are committed to achieving and maintaining compliance with mandatory requirements and applicable laws and regulations.

Occupational safety
Working safely is the right and duty of every employee. Rigorous process control, hazard elimination, and particularly risk prevention and reduction is our standard.
We are committed to ensuring safe and healthy working conditions in terms of preventing work injuries and ill health.

In Nošovice, 12th of November 2020

Suckwon Byun, CEO